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Certified Public Accountants in Chicago, Illinois


Jessica King, EA

Tax Manager

Jessica is our Tax Manager and an Enrolled Agent. After working under a formal IRS Auditor, Jessica is truly passionate about Small Business owners minimizing their net income through strategic tax planning without affecting the cash flow of the business. In her spare time, Jessica loves to go glamping with her family and spend as much time with her niece and two nephews.


Debrah Baggs

Accounting Manager

Deb is our Accounting Manager and CPA who believes in the power of guiding her clients toward meeting their financial goals and mastering their accounting as best as possible. When not working, Deb is an avid reader, crafter, and self-proclaimed sci-fi geek.


Lillia Hendrickson

Client Account Manager, Tax Implementation

Lillia is our Client Account Manager who enjoys working with clients to implement tax strategies to minimize their tax liability. When not working, Lillia spends time learning new recipes and serving our country in the Army National Guard.


Claire Wang

Client Success Associate

Claire is our Client Account Manager and CPA who is dedicated to helping clients with different financial difficulties. Her passion is helping business owners spend more time doing what they love, while she dives in deep to implement various planning strategies. When not working. Claire is a toddler chaser, video gamer and exerciser.



Client Success Associate

Rhea is a client success associate who helps the management team with a variety of projects that are unique to the success and growth of our clients. When not at work Rhea enjoys the exhilaration of long rides on her motorcycle with friends.



Client Success Associate

Pearl is our Client Success Associate. Pearl has been in the accounting field for many years. She works closely with management to ensure the delivery of quality accounting services to our clients. When not at work, Pearl loves spending time with her fur babies seeking out new adventures.


Mara Peck

Client Success Associate

Mara is our Client success associate. When at work she focuses on helping all team members meet their
departmental goals by making sure to provide support in the needed areas to assist with client needs. When not at work, Mara enjoys time with her husband and children doing various family activities.


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